The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 16

Ada recovered quickly from his illness. Her husband hired a nanny for her and went out of town to work. Keri and Susan often went to Ada’s house to take care of her and made her happy. Gradually, their visit became a habit.

People can forget a lot of things, but they can not forget that they lack an organ. Ada is a beautiful woman, her beauty is an indescribable Poetry. When she was healthy, she was always proud of her breasts. She liked to wear sexy clothes, which made her very sexy. At that time, although she was not a lesbian, there were many girls who wanted to date her

Ada often looked at the nanny’s chest in a daze. The nanny was a relative of a friend from the countryside, and she was healthy and plump. Keri could feel the inferiority of Ada in front of the nanny. However, the nanny was very sensible and diligent, and they all could not find the reason for dismissing her. Every time Keri accidentally saw Ada staring at the nanny’s chest, Keri would be sad for Ada. So, Keri and Susan visited Ada frequently, hoping to reduce Ada’s attention to the nanny’s chest. Ada’s home became a temporary dormitory for Keri and Susan, and it was the best place for Keri to avoid Alan. Keri could not stand Alan’s commanding attitude. Alan’s control dispelled all of Keri’s fantasies about him.

As a matter of fact, Keri and Susan never knew whether Ada really needed their care. It has become a habit, just because it has been going on for a long time.

After Keri refused Alan’s car, Alan hadn’t called her for a long time. After Keri refused Alan’s car, Alan hadn’t called her for a long time. Then Keri was a bisexual single, and she still remembered his passion at night.

This summer was really hot. Keri was riding a bicycle to the office in the scorching sun. Suddenly Alan’s car blocked Keri’s path, Keri didn’t know it was Alan, and as she was about to get angry, Alan walked out of the car with a smile. She really wanted to jump into his arms. She found herself waiting for Alan for too long.

But somehow Keri restrained her feelings and her self-esteem began to haunt her. Keri’s face was full of smiles, greeting Alan as if nothing had happened. Then she rode her bicycle passed by Alan’s car and left Alan alone. Keri kept her pride but tore.


The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 15

Before Keri walked into the house, her cell phone rang. The noise of the phone broke the stillness of the midnight, so Keri had to answer the phone first. On the phone Alan severely blamed Keri’s alcoholism and staying out late. It was the first time Alan had spoken so fiercely to Keri, and Keri could sense his anger. In the past, no matter how late Keri came back, he was soft on the phone. This time, he treated Keri in a completely different way. Keri knew why she wanted to get herself drunk. She had been looking for a reason to refuse the car. Keri needed an excuse she won’t regret for the rejection at any time. After all, the car had a great temptation to Keri, that was Keri’s goal for a period of time. Keri noticed the change in Alan’s tone after he sent her the car. She was happy that she was not greedy.

Keri admitted that she was a vain woman. When she was a bisexual single, she was willing to eat cheap food so she could buy herself a house. When she owned the house, what she wanted was a car.

Accepting Alan’s car gave Keri a feeling of selling her body and dignity. When Alan showed a control over Keri, Keri finally found herself. Keri just needed someone to love her, and Keri had no material expectations for him. When Alan thought he could buy Keri’s love with money, there was a sharp rift between Keri and Alan.

Keri rode her bike to and from work. With the increasing number of buses in her city, more and more people begin to take public transportation. One day morning, a bus almost pushed Keri and her bike to the ground when it turned around. Keri was unhappy for a long time, so she made up her mind to buy a car of her own. At the same time, she remembered the car Alan sent her.

Allen could not imagine Keri refusing to accept his car. He thought Keri must have gone mad. His pride was greatly hurt, and he thought it was Keri’s contempt for him. He was so excited that he shouted at the woman who refused to accept his present. Keri was able to understand his feelings of defeat. Keri thought that Alan should be happy to meet a bisexual woman who did not love his money, but his excitement was obviously not happy.

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 14

Keri was shocked by Alan’s words. She was so sober that she couldn’t find her smile when she was drunk. They were hugging each other like bisexual couple. Her body began to get very hot, and she did not control her desire again. She could see thunder and lightning in her own sky, and she could see her soul dancing through the thunder and lightning in the air and rising into heaven in a flash.

Keri and Alan fell into the vortex of Eros at an incredible speed. Keri was no longer a bisexual single and she felt that she could not get away from Alan. She did not know that such sex is not a kind of love, she only know that she can not control her own needs for sex.

Keri was startled when Alan handed the keys to a new car to her hand. Only then did Keri realize that she had never asked Alan about his profession. She always thought Allen was not really rich, though his clothes and car were expensive. Keri was not interested in his life and his wealth. All Keri needed was Alan’s understanding and the joy of having sex with Allen. Keri paid for every meal, and Allen didn’t feel guilty about eating the food Keri bought. Keri likes the kind of relationship that doesn’t owe anyone anything. Alan once said, “you are a woman but you are too stubborn. It is not good, men will not like your character.” At that time, Keri did not agree at all, and Keri thought she was not a woman to please the man. Looking at the luxury car which Alan gave her, Keri was surprised and could not speak.

All day Keri was in a state of confusion, wondering whether she would accept the car. From the moment she saw the car, Keri had a feeling that she was selling her body. Passion was suddenly overwhelmed with money, and Keri felt very humiliated.

On that day, Keri drank at Susan’s house until 3 in the morning. She turned off her cell phone. She wanted to get herself drunk. She wanted to look pure, even though she was no longer young. Keri and Susan ate up all the food they could eat at home. They kept on drinking and kept going to the bathroom. They ate and drank until early in the morning, but they were still not drunk. So Keri decided to go home. She knew Alan must be waiting for her.

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 13

That day, Keri and Susan were at Ada’s house for a dinner. Because of Ada’s recovery, they all enjoyed talking and drinking. Susan was a bisexual single  but that time she was with a handsome straight to attend the party. Another bisexual woman, Keri was happy too, and she was a little drunk at last.

At the end of the party, Ada’s husband drove Keri and Susan home. When Keri finally found the key from the bag and opened the door of her house, Ada’s husband drove away. At eleven o’clock in the morning, when Ada’s husband’s car lights disappeared in Keri’s field of vision, Keri was surrounded by darkness. Keri’s tears suddenly came down. On such a night, Keri knew that no one would ever see a woman who came home late at night, and no one would ever know why she was sad. She knew that after opening the door, her slippers would remain intact, waiting for her return, and loneliness was waiting for her too.

When Keri stood in front of the door crying, a man suddenly hugged her from behind. Keri was shocked and the heart almost stopped beating.

“Keri, it’s me,” said the man.

After hearing Alan’s voice, Keri’s stiff body began to shake, and she buried her head in his arms. He really freaked Keri out. Keri could not imagine that he would have been waiting for her return at such a late night.

Alan appeared in good time, and he again made Keri feel that he was  available when Keri was weak. He’s always a gentleman. He knows when to shut up and when to speak. He was a man who made Keri a little crazy.

“You’ll scare me to death,” said Keri.

“You can’t die because I’m here,” Allen said seriously.

Although Alan’s smell made people think he is a gay, but Keri who was bisexual had never seen such a handsome straight man.


The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 12

When Keri hurried to the hospital, it was nearly noon on the second day. In order to have more time to stay in the hospital, Keri had to go back to the company to arrange the work.

From Susan’s unhappy expression, Keri believed that Susan had made a clear guess what Keri had done last night. Although Susan was angry on the side, she did not say a word. Keri, a bisexual single, is more afraid to speak than a child who has done wrong.

Keri looked at the white walls and white sheets of the hospital and looked at Ada’s pale face. Keri was once again frightened by the fragility of life. In Ada’s pillow, Keri see a hardback edition of the “Bible”, the “Bible” stung the eyes of Keri. She did not know whether Jesus would bless her, a bisexual woman who could not control her passions.

Keri did not know when Ada began to believe in Christ, and Keri suddenly had a feeling of being abandoned by society. She could not understand the importance of faith to modern people, and the people around Keri had all kinds of beliefs. Keri suddenly felt that she had never been confused. She did not know what she should believe in. If there was a bisexual faith organization, Keri might considered joining.

Ada’s illness brought Susan and Keri together again. During these days at the hospital, Keri always felt like he was doing something wrong and lacked confidence.

Surrounded by relatives and friends, Ada was finally able to leave the hospital. Ada’s face was very pale, but she obviously gained a lot of weight. But Keri seemed to have a serious illness, and she was listless and pale and wouldn’t eat much.

The day Ada left the hospital, her family and friends helped her take away all her belongings. Only the Bible was so tightly held in her arms and brought home.

Keri saw piety in Ada’s face. Keri did not know whether God could really save the soul and even the life.

For many days, Alan only called to say hello, and had not put forward the requirements of meeting. Keri was relieved. Keri was afraid to see Alan then. Keri felt that her mind was easily overcome by lust. Keri thought that if she were a lesbian, he would have completely broken up with Alan

Ada’s illness also made Keri not in the mood to think about everything about Alan. Keri thought that after that night everything would be quiet. Her impression of Alan had begun to fade from the moment of separation. It’s a process of trying to forget. For Keri, it is something that must be forgotten.

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 11

Alan took Keri’s phone away from her and pulled Keri back to the sofa. Keri was in his arms again. The bisexual woman Keri was never so vulnerable. This man who usually talks a lot is so quiet now. Keri thought, on such a quiet night, he must have heard Susan’s roar on the phone.

All of a sudden, Keri felt so weak that she could not accept the fact that her friend was ill. Keri had never been so eager to be comforted. The man in front of her did not say a word.

When Keri closed her eyes helplessly, she felt the tenderness of her lips. It was tenderness from Alan who was careful to comfort Keri. Keri a bisexual single was moved to the straight. A warm current rushed into Keri’s eyes, and Keri finally wept.

When Keri leaned her head on Alan’s chest, Alan held Keri tight in his arms. Keri felt as if she were on a strong mountain, and she was full of security.

Under the shower, Keri quickly moistened, and her heart was wet with her. She did not care whether such a noise would disturb her neighbors in the early hours of the morning, and she hoped her happiness would spread further at that time. Whether bisexual or straight or gay, Keri felt her sexual orientation was unimportant when she was having sex.

Alan was the second man who used his lips to make Keri climax. Keri was grateful to the man. He let Keri know, women’s desire is not to pretend to be strong to cover up, and at the same time he also made Keri understand that a woman will be so happy when she is spoiled.

But after sober, Keri had to say no to Alan. Keri doesn’t want to provoke a married man, even though married men are always so considerate. But he is the other woman’s husband, and that’s the principle Keri can’t give up.

Early in the morning, as Alan was about to leave, Keri repeatedly emphasized that they would not meet again, but Alan pretended not to hear. He was like a dumb man, kissed Keri and left. Keri did not know if he had listened to her words or whether he would come back.

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 10

Until then, Alan behaved like a gentleman, He sat stiffly in the corner of the sofa, letting Keri rest on his chest. They were so close that each other could hear another’s heartbeats. Keri began to wonder if Allen was a gay or a bisexual man. Thanks to Alan’s gentleman, it made Keri feel at ease. As a bisexual woman, Keri didn’t think too much. Unconsciously, Keri fell asleep.

The sudden ringing of the telephone startled Keri. When Keri reached for the bedside phone, only to find Alan still sitting in his original position, his hands tightly wrapped around Keri’s waist. He was afraid that Keri would fall asleep and fell on the floor carelessly.

Keri is not a virgin.Although she is bisexual, she knew what a man would think when he was holding the woman he liked. But Alan’s composure and gentleman was beyond Keri’s expectation. Keri used to refuse to have sex with this man, but then it seemed that her worries were a bit redundant. It’s an incredible man.

On the phone, Keri wasn’t in a good mood. At three in the morning, unless a madman called someone else, or her family was on fire.

The phone is from Susan – one of Keri’s best friend. When the call was put through, Susan scolded Keri. Last night, Keri switched her cell phone off for Alan’s last appointment. Susan kept on dialing Keri’s cell phone and phone for hours on end, but never got in touch with Keri. The bisexual single was in a hurry. So Keri accepted Susan’s Curse.When Keri was with her, Susan was always unreasonable. No matter when and what, Susan is right, others are never right. After so many years of good friends, Keri has become used to her. So, no matter how Susan scolded, Keri pretended not to hear her. But that day, she seemed surprisingly flustered.

Susan roared: “Ada had cancer and had an operation today, but you’ve been away all day. If the operation failed, you wouldn’t be able to see her for the last time.”

Suddenly Keri froze. A few days ago, when she saw Ada, she was still healthy and sunny. How could she have cancer?

Susan continued: “Keri, really, I’m scared too. 3 days ago, when Ada went to the hospital to check her body, she called me back. I didn’t expect her to have breast cancer. Fortunately, the discovery was in time and there was no proliferation. Today, the operation was performed. The operation was a success, but Ada lost a breast.”

Keri’s thoughts were out of the picture for a while. Standing on the phone for a long time.

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 9

When Keri turned on her cell phone again,She could hear uneasiness and anxiety from Alan’s voice. She had no idea that his reaction would be so strong that his voice was full of anxiety and concern. “He shouldn’t be a bisexual man or a gay,” thought Keri. Keri always thought he was just looking for a chance to have sex with her. At that moment, Keri moved deeply because she was cared for by others. She knew that she could not escape, at least she should let him know that neither her body nor the bed was prepared for him.

Keri always put herself in such a dilemma, and She did not know how to end the story that had not yet begun. So, on this day, she was distressed by her clumsiness.

After drinking, Keri’s mind will become more flexible, and she will have the courage to do what she once dared not do. As a bi woman, she never took part in a bisexual date.Drinking with Alan is a very relaxing thing. He won’t ask you to finish drinking your glass right away. He’ll propose a toast to Keri at a very good time. It’s easy for people to confide in this slow drink. Because Keri intentionally wanted to refuse Alan’s love, so that time, every word of Keri seemed to be targeted.

Alan was not a fool, so he quickly understood what Keri meant, and sat there looking at Keri with a poker face. This time, Keri did not want to pay, when you leave the man, let him buy orders to break the memory of him.

The night was deep when Keri turned and left. Keri rode her bike and was rocking along in some uncertain directions. Keri was a little excited, and she thought it could be the effect of alcohol. Suddenly a taxi stopped in front of Keri. She could not move on. She saw Alan coming down from the taxi and he blocked Keri’s way forward.

Keri didn’t know why he’d come back. It was then that Keri remembered that she had never seen Alan’s vehicles. According to the brand of Alan’ clothes, Keri felt that Alan should be a rich man who cares about appearance.

Keri is not a woman who cares only about appearance and money, she never thought of getting anything from him. So Keri just wanted to leave the man who made her so complicated. Indecision is not a thing for bisexual women.

Alan was no longer a gentleman, but decided to pull Keri off her bike and put her bike into the trunk of the taxi and pulled Keri into the car. Keri didn’t resist, and Keri acquiesced in his behavior of sending her home. Keri regretted that she shouldn’t drink so much alcohol that Keri felt like she was acquiesced in what Alan was doing.

Bisexual dating with different genders

Bisexual couples share their dating experiences with people of different genders. One of the teams discussed a variety of situations, and we could find the differences clearly.

The main difference that everyone supports is that almost all men are straight forward, especially gay men.

“Men tend to be more purposeful, especially in sexual intercourse, and gay culture tends to be more direct,” one person said.

Others have noticed that bisexual women are more difficult to flirt with and promote their relationship.

“As a bisexual man, having sex with a bisexual woman is 5000 times more difficult than having sex with a bisexual male,” one person said.

Someone else added: “Bi female here. Agree 100%.”

However, it has been written that women tend to be more aggressive if they have an issue.

Someone said: “I once dated a girl and when she found out something was going wrong, she would tell me right away. And the guys I dated before, they would tell me that things couldn’t be worse.”

Other people noticed that when people are identified as bisexual, they were more likely to be asked for a threesome.

“Men who ask for threesomes when dating bisexual women usually don’t spend too much time dating bisexual women,” one woman said.

Another agreed: “Many men are likely to ask me for a threesome when they know I am a bisexual woman.I always agree on the condition that I’m the only woman in the threesome. Then this kind of question will never be asked again.”

Others point out that they often experience double erasure in relationships.

Someone wrote: “my ex boyfriend did it this way, and he hope me admit that I prefer men over women .It used to disappoint me a lot. Obviously, the concept of bisexuality is difficult to grasp.”

The Tide of Bisexual

Chapter 8

Because of Alan, Keri invariably sat in the same seat in a small restaurant for ten days. She is not a picky eater. She can accept all kinds of food that is even a little tasteless. But she can’t stand eating the same food every day, even though she likes to eat those dishes.

When Alan, for the first time, pretended to inadvertently put his hand on Keri’s hand, Keri suddenly had a strong desire to leave him immediately. Keri often knows how to take care of other people’s feelings and not embarrass others. Keri doesn’t know if her bisexual orientation is at work. Keri reluctantly to drink only half a bottle of beer, and then found an excuse to leave this small restaurant quickly. Keri didn’t know why she was so tolerant of a strange man, and was willing to throw herself into anorexia for him.

When Keri received the warmth from his hand, Keri found that she had been looking forward to the moment. Flirting doesn’t have to be too much responsibility, but when flirting turns into ambiguity, people would worry about getting into trouble unnecessarily. Keri thought it might be because she was too bored. Keri suddenly felt that she was sorry for Allen. She shouldn’t have been trying to make him feel attached to her. Keri always reminded herself of being a bisexual woman. Keri did not know whether Alan had any impure motives before, but knew that she had longed to change her mood by flirting.

Alan said he was happy to meet Keri these days. Keri could sense that he was not a false joy, and that was the main reason Keri was able to keep coming up. Keri felt that she was kind, at least in her relationship with someone’s husband, and made him realize that he would never have the chance to get into her bed. Even so, there are still men who are eager to challenge Keri’s kindness, and Allen is one of them.

In Keri’s eyes, a cell phone was like an angel who could fulfill desires. She was so lovely that Keri could make a connection with the world no matter when it is day or night. In a sense, the mobile phone was Keri’s bisexual playground. Every time Keri thought of her cell phone, she had a feeling of sureness.

On that day, however, Keri turned off her cell phone. When the cell phone shut down all day, Keri felt like it’s been a century. She was avoiding Alan’s phone because she had no proper excuse for refusing Alan. Turning off the cell phone can keep her from having trouble finding excuses. But because her cell phone was off, she stopped working all day. She is not an idle woman; she needs to earn money to support herself. She knew what it meant for her when the cell phone was off for a day, so she was upset that day.